Web + DataBase Solutions

The average cost to customise a tool to blend in with typical sites is about $300, while hosting for each tool varies from $7/mth to $50/mth depending on the complexity of the tool. Our solutions are hosted by 1 company and 1 company only in order to provide the most consistent service and avoid the costs associated with compatibility between our code and the variety of server software that is available.

Independant hosting of our solutions means you can choose any web host for your site and never feel trapped or vulnerable as the integrity of your database remains intact. A great deal of bandwidth is shared between both hosts extending the number of visitors to your site before incurring bandwidth penalties.

The following Tools are available for testing:

NewsFX - a self administered News or Calender of Events page updater

AdsFX - with ads that link to feature pages within your own site

SubscribeFX - keep track of visitors who want info. regularly.

OrdersFX - complete with images, perfect for taking internal orders

eCommerce Cart - an online shopping cart for external sales

News Forum/HelpDesk - a place to share info about products.

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